Post Wedding Blogs

Blog 1 – Saturday, 22 January 2022 – First Day Of Honeymoon Staycation At Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore, Bay View Room

After a hectic pre and actual day wedding preparations, we wanted to completely relax. As the pandemic continues to rage on and border restrictions still very much in place, we could not travel to another country for our honeymoon and so decided on a 2 nights Honeymoon staycation at The Fullerton Bay Hotel in their Bay View Room. This hotel is the same hotel venue in which we had held our intimate minimony and so we did not have to travel far to another place with all our luggage and wedding items.

The Bay View Room was strategically right across the iconic landmarks of Marina Bay Sands building as well as the whole waterfront! This can be viewed from the balcony, the room and even from the bathtub and bathroom itself! It was simply stunning! The room itself was also well equipped with mini bars etc, and was very spacious!

As we entered our room, we were welcomed by the Fullerton teddy bears with a well wishes card from the hotel management.

We had our wedding photographer and videographer take some post wedding shots in this honeymoon staycation room of ours for a bit too.

The stay included breakfast at La Brasserie in the hotel which served chef prepared breakfast from a menu list which you can have as much as we wanted as there was no longer buffet breakfast due to the pandemic.

As we had been completed exhausted by the wedding preparations and actual day itself, we decided to do completely nothing during our staycation and just completely relax, reflect and project on our future. We also watched TV, admire the open view from the balcony and room, went for lunch and dinner and just repeat!

Blog 2 – Sunday, 23 January 2022 – Second Day Of Honeymoon Staycation At The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore, Bay View Room

We started the morning with a scrumptious breakfast at La Brasserie Restaurant in the hotel. The breakfast is included in the hotel stay package. Though there is no longer any buffet breakfast served due to the pandemic, we were provided with a chef prepared breakfast menu which we can have as much as we wanted. The menu included a balance and variety of both Asian and Western dishes as well as a variety of drinks too.

We tried a number of dishes and were very impressed with not just the graceful and attentive service of the staff but also how delicious and well decorated each dish was! It was like art! We also spoilt ourselves with a buffet of drinks – Earl Grey Breakfast tea that was served in classy silverware and tableware as well as orange juice and water. It was such an appetising breakfast environment indeed!

We headed back to our room and had the pleasure of doing absolutely nothing while enjoying the space and beautiful open views of the waterfront. Since today is Sunday, we get to see many sailing boats as well as did people watching across the waterfront from the balcony. Other than that, just simply enjoying the space and comforts of the room!

Blog 3 – Monday, 24 January 2022 – Third Day Of Honeymoon Staycation At The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore, Bay View Room – Check Out Day

Today is the check out day. We started the day with another session of lovely breakfast experience in La Brasserie.

And wow what another wonderful surprise we had from the staff, an addition to their already excellent service! When one of them knew that we were having a honeymoon staycation, another staff came to take a photo of us. However, we did not know what it was for until moments later when she returned and surprised us with a photo card and well wishes! We were so touched by this gesture!

Of course, before we checked out, we managed to capture once again the beautiful view from our room!

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