We spent 10 days in the country touring Shanghai, Beijing and the Great Wall. We started in Shanghai and then continued to Beijing via the Shanghai-Beijing Bullet Train.

Shanghai was surprisingly for us , very western looking with many areas looking more European rather than Chinese. Nevertheless, the nice mix of Chinese and European features as well as the historic, entertainment and shopping areas made it an interesting city that we had enjoyed.

Winter was really bitter in Beijing. It was especially freezing at nights that on one of the nights, it was so bitterly cold that we couldn’t even go out to get food and had to ask the reception to get pizza delivery for us to have dinner in our room instead! Visiting the various sites which are the centre of historical and political focus, was exciting!

In Beijing, we joined a small group tour to the Great Wall of China. Even though the cold was punishing, we were, however, very lucky during this trip as it was freezing in the early morning as we waited for our tour bus to arrive but later turned sunny during the day. It was a dream come true, to at last, be able to be on one of the great wonders of the world on our bucket list! It was an amazing experience to actually be standing and walking on the Mutianyu section of it and to discover the enormous length of the wall as well as wonder about the labour that went into constructing it. This is definitely a must visit for all travel enthusiasts!

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