Indonesia is a huge archipelago which we have wanted to explore. Best done from Singapore as its just about 1.5h of flight away.

However, as we couldn’t fit it into our schedule due to work commitments and getting to know more of Singapore, we thought we would just take a day trip to the neighbouring island of Batam which is also part of Indonesia. As it was just a day trip, we only managed to go to the shopping mall in the town area of Batam, forgoing the resort beach areas as that would have required more than a day trip.

As this short trip was during a public holiday, we experienced multiple departure delays amidst an overcrowded and almost pre-stampede like scenario when trying to get back on the ferry to return to Singapore. It was indeed a frightening experience!

Finally, we managed to get onto the ferry after many hours of delays and uncertainties. We just prayed for a safe journey on the waters back to Singapore. After arriving in Singapore safely, we felt so grateful and heaved such a big sigh of relief! It was a memorable experience indeed!

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